Have you reserved an accommodation where bedding is not provided? Don't you have a blanket and pillow to sleep with on the day you arrive?
I've had a lot of that experience too. So, here new bedding package! Your new product will be arrived in the room before check-in! How convenient?!:)

What you can expect

- No need to buy beddings on your check in date. 
- High quality to use during 4 seasons in Korea. 
- Delivery fees are included. 
- Free refund if contents are delivered with damaged. 

- Everything you need during your stay is included.

Beddings' package

Beddings' package is all new goods. You can bring it your home country after your stay. If you don't want, do not worry! You don't need to throw it away by yourself, we can clear away after you check out. 

Beddings' package including 

- A duvet 

- A mattress cover 

- A 3D memory form pillow 

- A pillow cover 

- 5 herringbone hotel towels

Beddings' rental service

If you don't want to buy all new goods, don't worry! We also have rental service. You need to give it back to us when you check out! But you can't choose the color or style, it's all random used one but good quality. Please tell us your bed size, we can rental that fits your bed size!

Beddings' package including 

- A duvet 

- A mattress cover 

- A pillow 

- A pillow cover 

How to buy

When you have your exact check in date, please contact us! We will deliver it before your check in date. 

Contact us

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